Caddy 4/17/14

Today was pretty good! We flatted a lot. Did some sitting trot and trotted over a bunch of poles all over the arena. Then we cantered a bunch and cantered a few of the poles as well. Then we jumped a bit. First we trotted in cantered out of this line in 5 and then cantered a pole on the diagonal and then trotted another line in 6 strides. Caddy was being weird with the trot jumps like he would peak at it and stop for like a mili second in the air.. not sure why. Then we did it the other way so we started with the 6 stride line then a diagonal pole and then the 5 stride line. Everything was pretty good except he like totally peaked and was weird with the 5 stride line. So we did the whole thing one last time and it was pretty good.

A problem i am now having (it isnt my foot problem anymore) but i am having the hardest time sitting Caddy’s trot and canter. Like his trot is super bouncy but i used to be able to sit it for a bit. And when i first got Caddy i worked A LOT on being able to sit the canter and i got really good at it but now i am like getting worse again… ugh.. when it isn’t one problem there is always another flaw :P

Riding Caddy and Flame on Saturday :)